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Europe 4/30-6/06 2014 Pictures 

   Europe Map  Pointe du Hoc

   Europe-Future  Rome Hotels

   Luxury Travel 


Retire - Potential places to visit 

  Paris    Barcelona    Running of the Bulls    Russia

  Mykonos, Greece    Istanbul, Turkey    Kusadasi, Turkey

  Athens, Greece    Venice, Italy    Caen (Normandy), France

  Bora Bora and Tahiti    Maldives    Maui

  Cancun, Mexico    Yucatan Peninsula    Celestun, Mexico 

  Waterfalls in the US    Affordable Beaches   Ft. Meyers 

  Pensacola     Best Beach Hotels 


 Misc. Travel Pics     New

San Francisco Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2008 +

Birthday trip to Niagara Falls - June 25-28, 2008

Reno - May 2008    San Jose - Monterey - Carmel - Nov. 2007

Phoenix - Tucson - Mexico - Oct. 2007

San Francisco October 2007    San Francisco August 2007

San Francisco June 2007    Ozarks 2007

Zion National Park - Bill & Kevin April 11, 2007

Hawaii - 2006    Biloxi, Mississippi    Northeast

Rosarito, MX - Nov. 29 - Dec. 2, 2008    Venice Beach 2009

2009 Vegas and Grand Canyon - Kevin    2009 Barbados

Venice Beach Nov. 26-29th, 2009    Phoenix Misc

Death Valley 2010    Bryce Canyon 2010    Valley of Fire 2011 

Reno May 2011    Ozarks 2011     San Fran Nov. 24-27, 2011

Bahamas-Sheraton Nov. 2012   Hawaii Dec. 2012 

San Francisco Sept. 12-16, 2013    Cancun Oct. 16-24, 2013 


 Travel Destinations/Information

California 2014 destinations/dates

San Francisco    San Francisco info    San Francisco 2010

Napa Valley Info    Santa Cruz    Temecula

California - North of San Francisco    Santa Barbara-Ventura

California Beaches and Piers    California Parks

Temecula, CA    Death Valley    Albuquerque 

Las Vegas Info    Reno-Carson City

Valley of Fire State Park    Valley of Fire State Park 2012

North Carolina Vacation    North Carolina 2009 Properties

North Carolina 2012 Properties

Florida Vacation Properties  Possible Ozark Vacation   

Ozarks 2011    Ozarks Aug 7-14, 2011

Possible cruises    Possible other vacations - Southeast Asia

Possible Mexico    Puerto Rico, Jamaica    Rosarito, Mexico

Surfing Sites    Phoenix - Maps, etc.    Belize

Downtown and the Stratosphere    Laughlin, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon    Yosemite, CA

Misc. places to see    Niagara Falls    Alaska

Las Vegas Area trips    Los Angeles    Reno 2009

Grand Canyon    Bryce Canyon

San Juan Islands, Washington State

Florida    Florida_Bahamas_Caribbean 

Kipelli's Cave - New Mexico    Barbados Oct. 2-11, 2009

New York    Venice Beach    St. Louis    Ft. Meyers, Florida

Myrtle Beach   Coastal Living    Ozarks - Jerry Waller

Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority    Hawaii 

Dusit Thani Hotel Resort-Maldives     Bahamas 2012

Hawaii 2012    Utah Misc    European cruise Nov 2013

Panama cruise Nov 2013    Panama Canal cancelled 

ANY cruise 2014    European cruise May 2014

RCL Oasis Europe 2014     Misc Cruises 2015 

CheapCruises.htm     Cheap Caribbean2014

Kayak Explore/Spy    Caribbean Destinations 

Punta Cana     DDay    Fiji-South Pacific    Thailand

China (Great Wall) -SE Asia    Top 100 Hotels and Resorts 

Norwegian Cruise ships    Cruises-Belgium

Tanzania   New



  DNA Results    23   23 Results  23G  Dockins

  Brown and Russell family trees   Ancestry info from Sharon 

  Olen and Ella family tree    Russell family tree

  Grandparents    Their Children     Browns    Russells

  Murrays    Kings    Greenhills     Old neighborhood

  Cousins   July 2016 updates 

  Olen-Simon Brown    Olen Brown April 2017 

  Russell April 2017 

  Richter B

  Christmas 2017 


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  Las Vegas  Kentucky  Massachusetts



Maggianos cooking class Feb 21, 2012 

Maggianos cooking class November 15, 2012 

Sourdough Starter info  Food copy   Food & Recipes 

Prime Meat  Broiler and Small Ovens

Prime Rib cooking   Seafood Misc

BBQ and Smokers    Stubbs BBQ   BBQ   BBQ Pit Boys

American Test Kitchen    Cooking   Recipe Sites  CopyKat

Pizza Tips   Burrito  Best Steaks  Omaha  Chili

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Food Shows-Best Eats   TV Food Maps


Las Vegas Pictures

Penny and Dennis - Las Vegas - July 12, 2008

Downtown and the Stratosphere - Dan 2008

2006 Alex in Las Vegas

2005 gathering with Fox grads in Vegas

2009 Vegas and Grand Canyon - Kevin, Katie, Cortney

2009 Alex and Tracy

2009 Simon, Sheri and Ali

2012-2017 Alex and Tracy



House and more

5208 Painted Sands Circle

5208 Painted Sands Circle Old vs New  B

5208 Painted Sands Circle New

5208 Updated with our furniture

3305 Moon River

Chinese Beds   Barrett Jackson


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   Ozarks Golf   Golf Clubs   Deer Chase  BB17Bill19Tak

   Ameren   Flood   Car Acc  Lake Dec 2015  Levels 

   HOA  Ozarks Real Estate   Ozark Rentals  Bryant Auction

   57 Bayhill   57   57  Ozark Homes   Maps  Ozark contour maps 

   All Bayhill  All possible homes  Feb homes  Ozark Homes

   Water Feb 07  Feb 09  Feb 10  Feb 12   Feb 14

   Water and shore  Water Feb 23, 2017  Laurie  Broke Dock



   Restaurants   Missouri Wines   Farmers Markets  Kansas City

   Missouri Towns  Kimswick  Sedalia  Boonville  Warsaw

   Hermann   Cole Camp   Fulton   Mennonite   Macon

   St. Joseph  JeffCity   Columbia   Versailles 

   Branson   Springfield   Mammoth Cave 

   Excelsior Springs  Top of the Rock Golf

   Dogwood Canyon, Lampe, MO   Little Rock 

   RV Rental   RV Buy  Personal RV Rent

   Food Recipes    BBQ2  Handcrafted

   StL Videos    StL Restaurants   StL Misc   StL_F105

   Wine  Medical  Shark Tank  Cause


 Trips Planned

    Cruises 2018   River Cruises 2018    June 2018


    Venice Jan 26 -Feb 23, 2019  2   AJ Rooms   StLParking


 Europe March 28-April 12,  2018

    Symphony March 31-April 5    RCL Tours    Symphony Tours  

    Train Rides  Air   All Rooms  Europe Checklist 2018

Wed. March 28 - Stay in Chicago - Room at O'Hare
Thu. March 29 - Fly to Barcelona (6:35-2:45)
Fri. March 30 Arrive and Stay in Barcelona
Sat. Mar. 31 Symphony heads out
Sun. April 1 - At Sea
Mon. Apr. 2, Naples
Tue Apr. 3, Rome    Top Piazzas    Vatican
Wed. April 4 - At Sea
Thu. April 5 - Fly to Venice - Booked
Fri. Apr 5-10, Venice (Room is booked)
Restaurants     Misc.    Maps    Transportation  
Murano     Burano   Europe Trains  
Florence   Milan   Bologna
Tue. April 10 - Fly and stay in Barcelona - Booked
Wed. April 11 - Fly to Chicago (11:15-6:38) - O'Hare

Possible Trips

Cruise Pictures    Art Bought   Rum Drinks   Art 18x27

Cruise and Puerto Rico - March 2017    iPhone Pics

Cruise - E. Carib-Spring Training-Biloxi-St. Augustine2016

Cruise (2 RCL) and Spring Training - 2015

Cruise (2 RCL and Norwegian) - Europe 2014 

Cruise (Caribbean) and Florida - Jan. 13, 2013

Cruise - Western Caribbean - 2011

Cruise - Eastern Caribbean - 2010

Cruise - Alaska - June 5, 2009

Cruise - Western Caribbean - Sept. 6, 2008

Cruise (2) - Mexico - Feb. 2008                                

Cruise - Mexican Riviera - Dec. 2007

Cruise - Western Caribbean - 2006

Cruise - Eastern Caribbean - 2005


Cabo San Lucas Pictures

Cabo San Lucas - May 2007    Cabo - April 4-11, 2008

Cabo - January 2009     Cabo Jan. 8-15, 2010

Cabo April 9-18, 2010, including Villa del Arco

Cabo Jan. 14-24, 2011, including Villa del Palmar

Cabo Apr 8-15, 2011 Pictures  Cabo Jan. 13-20, 2012 Pictures

Cabo April 6-13, 2012 with Dennis and Geri

Cabo July 5-12, 2013 with Dennis and Geri

Cabo June 27-July 10, 2015 with Dennis and Geri


St. Louis Pictures

Fox-Old Pictures    Sept. 2007 St. Louis - Gloria - Alex    Dennis

Misc. StL pictures    Old Ozark pics    BB Misc Old St. Louis

Fox Reunion Page    2006 Dennis and AJ - Cardinal Game

2006 Dan and Jill - Cardinal Game    2006 Alex in St. Louis

2008 St. Louis Flood    Dennis, the BIG 5-0 and more

Fox 1966   Fox1965   Fox Veterans   Fox 6667

The Killing of Carlos Rutledge    Eagle Stamp Case 

Fox Reunion 2006   2007   2009  2010  2011  2012  Who

Fox Reunion 2013  2015   2016  Who   2017  B

2009 Cardinal Game    St. Louis/Ozarks July 18-28, 2013

St. Louis/Ozarks Sept. 21-28, 2014    Arnold Flood 

Misc. Pictures

Lighthouses Visited    Sharon-Charlie Hawaii

 Bill and Gloria    Bill and Gloria with kids    Misc. Pictures

Misc Las Vegas pics    Poker Pics    Pete Rose

Murrays    Russell Pictures    Houston Wedding 10-07

   Air Force   Records   Takhli AFB   Ormes-Young-Sternberg

   Kennedy    DD626 - USS Satterlee

Gold Recovery    Brown Computer Service

BBjr    Cars from the past    BB and Celebs    Softball

Snow    Greene Snow    Cousins

Jim Jr. Las Vegas - Feb. 2009    Poker9    Pool Shade

Hurricane Ike Path - Sept. 2008

Wine Making Class    Wine Making 2010

California Lighthouses    Cousins in Florida - Oct. 2010

Misc collages and more


Kevin Pictures

Kevin School Pics  Greene Maps   Kevin

Kevin School Pics BB    Kevin-collage pictures

Kevin - Ozarks - August, 2007    Kevin - Flying Solo

Kevin - Flying Sept. 2007    Kevin's Flying article

Kevin - Flying Oct. 2008    Kevin - Metro Pizza Class

Kevin - Las Vegas - August, 2007

Kevin's Computer Service article

Kevin - Rio Hotel & Casino - Penn & Teller

2006 Kevin in St. Louis    2007 Kevin Snow

2007 - Dec. 18. Greene Snow & Ice

The Big Crash of 2008    Kevin's June 2009 Trip

Kevin's New York City Trip - Nov. 16-20, 2009

2009 Kevin-Iowa Snow    2010 February snow in Greene

Kevin's 21st Birthday    Kevin's Adoption 1997

Greene flood 2016 


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   BassPro  BP1   Dicks  Cabela


Misc Trip Planning

Alaska cruise June 5-12, 2009 - Radiance of the Seas

Oasis and Allure of the Seas

Port of Los Angeles

Cruise - Mexico - Feb. 2008 info

Cruise Ship Comparison

New Cruise Ships March 2013 

San Diego - Santa Catalina - Ensenada - 2008

Eastern Caribbean price comparison

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Misc. Info

Cruise Day Planner from Day 3 Oasis 

Cruise Oct. 9-16, 2010 - Caribbean, Oasis of the Seas

Cruise Oct. 23-30 W Caribbean 2011 Allure of the Seas

Cruise info Jan. 14-19, 2013 Liberty of the Seas 

Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2012 - Ft. Lauderdale Nassau Sheraton

Nov. 30-Dec.5, 2012 - Hawaii 

Jan. 13-23, 2013 - Caribbean Cruise Jan. 14-19

2013 May 15-18, 2013 Reno

2013 July 5-12 - Cabo San Lucas 

2013 July 18-28 - St Louis/Ozarks

2013 Sept. 12-16 - San Jose/San Fran 

2013 Oct. 16-24 Cancun - Hyatt Regency

Transatlantic and Europe cruises 4/30-6/6/14

Ozarks Feb. 13-16

Branson 2016   Branson 2017

Cruise Puerto Rico 2017   Stops


Cabo San Lucas Miscellaneous

Pueblo Bonito account     Cabo 2018

Pueblo Bonito Vacation Bookings 2014 

Cabo Fishing   Cabo - Pueblo Rose

Cabo - Pueblo Rose 2014    Cabo - La Paz 

Cabo Car Insurance   Cabo Timeshare

Cabo Timeshare pricing   Cabo Maps   Maps2

Cabo Fishing   Pedregal Rentals    Baja 1000

Pueblo-RCI  Cabo Golf   Our timeshare location

Cabo Jan. 8-15, 2010 travel info   The Villa Group    Villa 2014 

Cabo April 9-18, 2010   Cabo January 14-24, 2011

Cabo April 8-15, 2011   Cabo Jan, 13-20 2012

Cabo April, 6-13 2012