Cruise Compass

Every evening they would leave a "Cruise Compass" for the next day on your bed, giving you a chance to plan ahead.

Day 3 was cruising all day, heading to St. Thomas, so for those who wonder about what there is to do on the ship while at sea

(outside of the pools, hot tubs, surfing, boogie boarding, basketball, ice skating, miniature golf, etc.), here is a good example.

Towards the middle is a map of St. Thomas that they give out, highlighting shopping areas. They also usually have a

shopping guide/show in the main showroom the day before to go over some tips on where and how to buy when in port.

At the bottom is a list of the 57 excursions you could book for St. Thomas. Remember, this is only for ONE DAY!

(Sorry for the big pictures. When I tried to shrink them, clarity of the text was lost)

Below is a list of 57 excursions for St. Thomas that you could book thru the ship (or free lance on your own if you want)