Russell pictures

Here are some pictures I made from scanning old pictures from Mom and Betty. Most were scanned 300dpi.

You can right click on any picture and save them to your computer. I've had good luck getting reprints thru Walmart.



Johnny in the Marines








Earl Russell in the Navy (my middle name is Earl)








Raymond Russell in the Navy



Betty and Johnny



For my dad's 80th birthday in 2004, a bunch came to Vegas. This is Betty with her kids; Ron (left)

John, Jr; Debbie on the right and Debbie's daughter Courtney. All are living in the St. Charles area.



Millie and Johnny



Johnny, Earl and Millie



Johnny and Millie





Millie and Johnny




Millie's 8th grade graduation



Millie and Grandma Hongsermeyer



Millie and Betty