How To Catch Bass - The Essentials
What do you need to do to catch bass on your home lake? Hank Parker reveals his tips inside!

Producing Large Numbers of Trophy Predator Fish Part II
One of the keys to successfully creating a trophy fishery is to better understand predator fish management. Learn about it here.

5 Ways to Store Spinnerbaits
Of all the different kinds of baits that bass fishermen use, spinnerbaits have to be among the toughest to keep organized. Here are five ways to organize spinnerbaits.

Bass Fishing Basics For Beginners

Here you will find articles designed specifically for the beginning angler. They contain fishing tips, how to fish, and bass fishing basics every angler needs to know to catch more bass! 

Fishing Lures

Learn how to catch bigger bass with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastic baits, topwater baits, and many more bass fishing lures!  An excellence resource for every angler.

Fishing Gear Tips

Discover how to maintain your equipment, how to get the most from your expensive electronics, or how to buy the best rod and reel for your needs and budget..

Fishing Techniques

From deep to shallow water, and from Texas rigs to Carolina rigs, discover in-depth information for all types of techniques.  These articles will help you become a better angler. 

Fishing Stories

From big fish stories to exotic fishing trips, and from family fishing to handicapped opportunities, this section has it all!  The allure of fishing is captured in these articles.

Seasonal Fishing Articles

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Fishing Articles: From fishing in the dead of winter to the hot "Dog Days" of summer, these seasonal bass fishing articles and bass fishing tips tell you how to catch bass year round! 

Tournament Tips

Want to do well at your next tournament? We reveal hidden tournament secrets that will push you past the competition! An excellent resource for every tournament angler.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, and How To's

An excellent collection of fishing tips, fishing tactics, and fishing tricks for bass, and much, much more! Catch more bass with these fishing tips.

Bass Club Articles

Discover how to start, improve, and expand your bass club with these exclusive articles every bass club needs to succeed! A valuable resource for every bass club.

Fishing For Women

Bass fishing isn't just for men, women are welcome too! If you feel there's just too much testosterone in the local bass club or tackle shop, then here's the place for you!

Tackle Reviews

Here you will find the latest on tackle, boats and other products as well as informative reviews by pro anglers. We tried them and give you our reviews here.

Fish Facts

Learn about the biology, habitats and seasonal patterns of the Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spotted black bass. It's sure to make you a better bass angler!

Fish and Lake Management

An extremely informative section explaining how slot limits work, how stocking affects fishing, how bass use structure, and much more!

Bass Boats & Boating Care

A bass boat is an expensive investment. From buying a boat to keeping it in top shape, we help you save money end-to-end.  Here's how to get the most from your investment. 

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Hank Parker reveals his bass fishing tips, tricks, and techniques for you!

Mike Iaconelli Fishing

Mike Iaconelli reveals his bass fishing tips, tricks, and secrets for you!

Bagwell's Bass Tactics

Learn fishing tips and tactics from touring pro J.T. Bagwell as he reveals secrets learned from the tournament trail!