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With Pete and Evel Knievel at the MGM Sportsbook - 1996

During the mid 1990s I worked as production supervisor for SportsFan Radio Network, a nationwide all-sports

radio network originating out of Las Vegas. One of our hosts was Pete Rose, who normally broadcast his show

from his restaurant in Boca-Raton, Florida. Every few months, Pete would come to Las Vegas and do his show

from a radio setup we had at the MGM Sportsbook. I got to know Pete and when Gloria came to Las Vegas, she

got to meet him. He was always good to us and when it was time to tell Gloria we were getting married the next

day, I had the bright idea to have Pete tell her over national radio. We were in the car and below is a link to the

audio that Pete and co-host Dave Cokin did for me.

Pete announces our wedding - 2 Minutes 46 seconds

We had a softball team at SportsFan Radio and during this clip, Charlie Barker (our program director) and Pete got

on the subject of our softball team and it somehow led to my name being brought up. Pete starting ragging on me,

so I called from home during the last few seconds of the show.

Pete rags on Bill - 2 Minutes 12 seconds

SportsFan Radio softball team


Pete and Charlie Barker are talking when Pete cuts one loose on the air.

Pete passes gas on the air - 1 Minute (pardon the hum)

Notice Pete holding a stack of chips. He loved to play the horses ($1000 to win)

while doing his radio show out of the MGM Sportsbook.






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