I took these pictures from info an old bible that Sharon had.

John Russell III's family tree showed Grandpa Brown's name as Simon Brown and I wondered where that came from.
It might have come from this, which shows "Siamon Low Ranzy Dow Brown". At the end of this page, I've added info
for Simon Brown from JR's ancestry page. Maybe we can figure out more about grandpa from this.

What I have from 10+ years ago

Simon Brown "Siamon Low Ranzy Dow Brown" - Great grandpa Brown???
John W. Brown - Great, great grandpa Brown???
Nancy A. Brown - Great, great grandma Brown???

Also, the 1910 Census shows a "Naman" Brown that was 9 years old.
Grandpa was born in 1901 and would have been 9, but no mention of a 9 year old "Olen"
is shown in the census. Could this be another one of those misunderstanding/bad spellings?
I have never heard of a "Naman" nor of a "Sausan" as shown in one of the above ancestor
screen captures, who also happened to be born in 1901.