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RCI Weeks is RCI's traditional exchange system. Vacation exchange adds flexibility and variety to vacation ownership by allowing

timeshare owners to trade their Vacation Week for another similar unit. RCI's database of over 3,700 resorts in nearly 100

countries enables exchanges to and from resorts around the world. Whether you are interested in domestic or international

exchanges, internal exchanges to your home resort, or cruise exchanges-there are thousands of vacation opportunities with RCI.

To exchange, you can:

Deposit - Deposit your Vacation Week into the RCI SPACEBANK system depository. Your Week is added to

the pool of Weeks deposited by RCI Weeks Members around the world.


Request - Request your Vacation Week Exchange at a comparable resort or resort area for the Week you deposited.


Confirm - Receive a confirmed exchange and get ready to go. If one of your desired resort choices is available, your

RCI Guide can confirm your RCI Guide exchange immediately. If a resort unit is not available to fulfill your request,

your RCI Guide can enter a computerized search for your desired resorts and travel times.

Don't forget that in most cases, you can deposit, request, exchange, search and confirm online.


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Travel sites

Here is where you can download "Ding" and subscribe to Southwest.

Most give you a place to subscribe or register and they will
send you emails on top deals.
this is my favorite site. Once you get results, you can modify your criteria.
this site gives predictions on when good fares will happen.
Another site where you can get an idea of when lower fares might be available.
I find travelocity has the best prices on car rentals.
This site is where we got out Hawaii trip.