Olen Brown (Naman I)


Father (Ramsey L) was born in Mississippi around 1861.

His Father was born in Mississippi and Mother born in South Carolina.

Mother (Lizza L) was born in Missouri around 1876

Olen (Olan in 1930 Census)

Lived at 208 N. Jackson in Kennett, MO





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1910 census shows Lizza (age 34) as his wife.




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Nettie, daughter of R.D. Brown and Eliza Lucindia Wiggins???









Marriage to Dora Gunter









From the tree of Julie FIsk

'Ramsey' Simon Dow Lorenzo Brown - Facts (ancestry.com)



From tree of Elini Wilinski

'Ramsey' Simon Dow Lorenzo Brown - Facts (ancestry.com)




1870 census shows 9 year old Lorenzo Brown - born in Mississippi, living in Kennett. Mother is Sarah. No father listed.