This page is dedicated to those who served...true Fox Warriors

The above names were found on for those listed having Arnold, MO as their hometown.

It doesn't show Keith Hipkins or Herbie Stoneking, both of who went to Fox, but moved.

No record of Roman Mason or Robert Clifton going to Fox. 

West Point grads


NOTE: Dedication ceremony on Feb. 26th, 2012 from 2:00 - 3:30

at the Fox C-6 Service Center at 849 Jeffco Blvd, formally the old Grandpa Pigeons

There is a mural tribute to be unveiled in dedication to seven fallen soldiers from the
Vietnam war and one from Afghanistan that attended Fox School.

This event is open to the public.

Also, names of Fox students that were in the military will be listed on plaques.

If you are aware of any military personnel that attended Fox, please contact Judy West (

Judy is helping this group by posting this information. Richard Simpson, Patti Bone and Jack Poitras

are a few names heading this committee. Any information is welcome.


These are the names from my class (1966) who served.

Updated Feb. 2, 2012

Service Name (class of 1966)
Air Force Bill Brown
Air Force Joel Cooperman
Air Force Eric Haring
Army (killed in Vietnam) Thomas Badger
Army Bill Bone
Army Lucas Brennecke
Army Harold Brutcher
Army Carl Chaney
Army Bill "Gary" Evans
??? not verified Tom Forbush
Army Paul Gaines
Army (killed in Vietnam) Keith Hipkins
Army Harold Jester
Army Terry LaBrot
Army Howard Montgomery
Army Charles "Tink" Huff
Army Terry Pogorzelski
Army David Politte
Army Carlos Rutledge
Army Russell Smith
Army Dennis Spoerry
Army Larry Sutton
Army David Taff
Army David Towns
Army Jerry Waller
Army Sue Winch
Marines Eugene Buettner
Marines Ray Moore
Marines Don Pontious
Marines Lawrence Schlecht
Marines Michael Vassel
Navy James Gherardini
Navy Steve Prokasky

If you know of others from our class, email me at

These names have been forwarded to Judy West.

Please email her directly for those who were not 1966 graduates.



Below are Vietnam casualties who graduated or attended Fox High School. Some moved before

graduation, but we still remember them as Fox Warriors. Their graduating class is listed in parenthesis.


Anyone having information and/or pictures of these Warriors can email

electronic images and documents to me at


Pictures from the Traveling Vietnam Wall when it was in Arnold can be found below at the bottom of this page


Gary Bullerdick (1965)

Thomas Badger (1966)


Keith Hipkins (1966) Keith left Fox during his sophomore year


Louis Crosby (1967)

From the Traveling Vietnam Wall when it was at Fox High School

Gary Hadley (1967)

Herbie Stoneking (1967)

More pictures from the Traveling Wall when it was in Arnold

This is from the Wall in Washington, D.C.


West Point