Atlantis, Paradise Island

There are six properties for the Atlantis with many price options, including their all-inclusive.

I didn't find any off season pricing where there were any special deals. The only deals

seemed to be if you could travel within the next few weeks. That might be an on-going "deal" every

month if they are having excessive inventory. Seems like the middle of June through the middle of

July were sold out. The best thing with all the different options might be to call the Atlantis directly.

At least you can get a feel for pricing. From what I found on other sites, a basic studio unit, harbor

view in the nice towers started at $500 a night with taxes (not including all-inclusive). Below are some

maps and notes I made over the past few nights. Their number is 1 242-363-3000 from what I found.

After talking with them, maybe a travel agent might be best, since you have to deal with all your kids

and grandkids, their schedules and air fares to the Bahamas. I'm guessing Charlie still has some

air points he can use, at least to Florida. Good luck. Sounds like a fun trip.