57 Bay Hill Circle - Lake Ozarks, MO 65049

When coming down 54, there are two exits that you can take. Either is OK and they will both merge at a four way stop light.

If your GPS tells you to exit on Hwy W (red line), it will take you over the dam and thru the "Strip" (not exactly the Las Vegas Strip!) to the stop light.

The next exit on 54 (green line) will say Horseshoe Bend, Hwy 242, etc. It might also say "Toll Bridge", (but you won't getting on the toll bridge).

If you take the Horseshoe Bend exit, you'll come to a light where you will make a right (Horseshoe Bend).

Either exit is about 2-3 miles from the stop light shown below. From the stop light to our location is about 6 miles down Horseshoe Bend.

The only place to watch out for is a fork in the road about 5 1/2 miles from the stop light.

You will see a bunch of pointer signs at the fork and we are "the Palms", so you want to bear left on Horseshoe Bend.

About a half mile and you will come over a hill and see a nice view of the lake.

We are at the bottom of the hill on the left. Our unit, #57 is down the entrance in the corner.