Cabo and our timeshare location


January 8-15 and April 10-17


Click here for a link to our Cabo pictures from 2009


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Cabo is the best location for any activities, such as jet skiing, parasailing, ultralite flight, etc. (links underlined) from Medano Beach


In Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, all we did was cab/shuttle to the main shopping and restaurant areas.



Our timeshare is in red. Every unit overlooks the ocean (Pacific side...rough waves). This satellite picture is a few years old

and doesn't show theexpansion to the left and up the hill. They are currently putting in 36 holes of golf just above and

left of the blue circle.  After our week in 2009, we spent two days at the location in blue, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica.  This

is a property also owned by our Pueblo Bonito timeshare group, but is a smaller, spa type location.


Downtown Cabo and the tourists area is in yellow. This is the "party area" and the area where you can swim in the ocean,

utilize recreation activities, drink, eat at the beach. The picture below is one I took on a cruise going into Cabo and shows

a bit more of the expansion. The units at the very top of the hill are three bedroom "houses" with private pool, parking, etc.

that are the very, very high end timeshare units.


Click here for the link to the new Jack Nicklaus golf courses



This is something I put together for someone else awhile back. Forget the Italian restaurant (one of our favorites).

It is only open after 4:00. You can walk everywhere from the tender location, but it might be worth a $5 cab ride back

to the tender location. Pretty much everything in souvenirs that you might find in the downtown area can be found

at the Marina Mercado stores right near the tender drop off point. As a matter of fact, that is where the cab will drop you off.



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