(Address 000000) 166   01   00   51   02   01

166   PDT - Peripheral Data Transfer

01   00   2 character address where data starts

51   Read/Write (I/O) Channel. The chart below shows the bus speed for the

       assigned R/W channel. You can see on a small system the max is 500k. 

02   Device 02=printer, 41=card reader, 01-card punch, 40=tape reader

                  00=tape write, 44=disk read, 04=disk write. On the bigger systems

                  where you had a second sector, bit 5 would be set to designate.

                  So the card reader would be 61, printer 22, etc. 

01   Additional information for the device. 01=space one line after printing. You can line space up to 15 lines (01-17 octal) or you can space to a hole on the paper format tape customized for the paper in the printer. 43 would be space to head-of-form (chart below).

I/O Channels

Printer codes