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From our room 1

From our room 2

From the Pier

La Fonda Restaurant

La Bufadora 1

La Bufadora 2

La Bufadora 3

La Bufadora 4

Rosarito Beach 1

Rosarito Beach 2

Rosarito Beach 3

Rosarito Beach 4



Rosarito Beach Hotel

This is where we stayed for three nights. The hotel started as a 12 unit hunting lodge. In

the 1920s, it was bought by a gentleman who made his money by helping bring

electricity to Tijuana. This person had a road built from Tijuana (about 20 miles) to

make it easy for people to come to Rosarito. The hotel was expanded in 1984, 1994

and in 2008, the 17 story tower shown in this picture was opened. We were upgraded

to a two-bedroom, full kitchen, ocean view condo on the 7th floor.

 The pier was built by the property owner, primarily for use of those staying at their hotel. For

a fee, others can have access and it wasn't unusual to see locals fishing from the pier.

The Beach

Kevin with a Cuban cigar

We rented ATVs and toured the beach

A Corona and a shot of Tequila at the fire pit of a local bar on the beach

La Fonda Restaurant

A favorite Sunday brunch restaurant with a nice view down a few miles from Rosarito Beach

La Bufadora

La Bufadora is a blow-hole attraction about 70 miles south of Rosarito Beach.

Shopping in La Bufadora

To get to the blow hole, you had to walk past a quarter mile of shops

Shopping in Rosarito Beach

Near the hotel was an area that consisted of several dozen shops in a maze of alleys

Couple of pets we bought for our pool area

Kevin and Sammy, who we bought our "pets" from

Plates we bought

 Our room - 707

2009 Possible Dates

Rosarito's Steak & Lobster Festival

Puerto Nuevo Steak and Lobster Festival

Baja 1000 - Ensenada