The movie clips were converted from a higher quality, so the current quality might not be the best, but they will give you an idea.


Most are less than a minute except for the downtown light show when they play Free Bird.

Stratosphere Movies

Insanity Ride 1       Insanity Ride 2         Insanity Ride 3  

X Scream Ride 1        X Scream Ride 2         Dan on the X Scream     Dan on the X Scream 2   

View of the Strip          Outside the Stratosphere

Downtown Movies

Band Playing          Light Show-Free Bird (takes about 30 seconds to get to the song, total about 6 minutes)

Stratosphere Pictures

Looks like the handle bars have Dan's fingerprints from the squeezing

View of Downtown

View of Las Vegas Hilton, the convention center and some high class condo and timeshare towers

Insanity ride at the top of the Stratosphere

Insanity ride taken from the inside observation deck

View towards the Strip

X-Scream ride at the top of the Stratosphere


Downtown Las Vegas Pictures

They show a music/light show every hour in the evening, using over 12 million high intensity lights that make up the canopy that covers four blocks.

They usually have one or two bands playing live Friday and Saturday nights (free) that is also shown on the canopy

Band during NASCAR weekend

The world largest gold nugget (61 pounds, 11 ounces) on display at the Golden Nugget Casino (what a coincidence!)