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Enlisted - September 27, 1966

Arrived Lackland AFB - Sept. 29, 1966 - (ATC)

        Left Lackland AFB - Approx. Nov. 10, 1966

Arrived Keesler AFB - Approx. Nov. 11, 1966- 3380th Technical Training Wing - Air Training Command (ATC)

        Billy born - Oct. 10, 1967

        Left Keesler AFB- Approx. Oct. 24, 1967

Arrived McConnell AFB - Approx. Nov. 24, 1967 - 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing (TAC) - F105 (APN-131 Doppler Radar)

        Left McConnell AFB - Approx. Aug. 12, 1968

Arrived Takhli AFB - Approx. Sept. 17, 1968 - 355th Tactical Fighter Wing (PACAF) - F105 & EB66 - (APN-131 Doppler Radar)

        Left Takhli AFB - Approx. Sept. 14, 1969

Arrived Castle AFB - Approx. Oct. 15, 1969 - Strategic Air Command (SAC) - 93d Bombardment Wing - B52 & KC135

        Left Castle AFB - Discharged - September 25, 1970 - (APN-89 Doppler Radar)










My AFSC was 30154






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DEROS is the date that you are expected to return from overseas. DEROS is commonly referred to as "tour of duty".
























B52 - Castle AFB













Vietnam carpet bombing
















APN-89 Doppler Radar

The APN-89 system uses doppler radar to provide ground speed and drift angle information to the ASb navigation system. The Doppler radar fed ground speed and drift information into the ASB navigation system. To calculate ground speed using Doppler radar, a radar signal is transmitted at a specific frequency that reflects off of the ground and returns to the plane. Since the plane's radar sensor is moving relative to the ground, the reflected signal will be shifted in frequency when it returns. This shift in frequency allows measurement of the relative velocity between the sensor and target. This, of course, is the same mechanism used in various speed detectors ("radar guns"), as well as in weather radar and many other applications.




July 1, 1966



October 1, 1967



July 1, 1968




July 1, 1969



July 1, 1970



Draft Numbers




Service Name (class of 1966)
Air Force Bill Brown
Air Force Joel Cooperman
Air Force Eric Haring
Army (killed in Vietnam) Thomas Badger
Army Bill Bone
Army Lucas Brennecke
Army Harold Brutcher
Army Carl Chaney
Army Bill "Gary" Evans
??? not verified Tom Forbush
Army Paul Gaines
Army (killed in Vietnam) Keith Hipkins
Army Harold Jester
Army Terry LaBrot
Army Howard Montgomery
Army Charles "Tink" Huff
Army Terry Pogorzelski
Army David Politte
Army Carlos Rutledge
Army Russell Smith
Army Dennis Spoerry
Army Larry Sutton
Army David Taff
Army David Towns
Army Jerry Waller
Army Sue Winch
Marines Eugene Buettner
Marines Ray Moore
Marines Don Pontious
Marines Lawrence Schlecht
Marines Michael Vassel
Navy James Gherardini
Navy Steve Prokasky