2021 sent

Sent on Dec. 10


Sent on December 8

Wainwright                      contact@bigleagueimpact.org;

Phelps                             Michael Phelps <info@michaelphelpsfoundation.org>;

T2T                                   Info@Tunnel2Towers.org;

23XI                                 info@23XIracing.com;

Esiason                           info@esiason.org;

Jeff Gordon                     spinkston@jgcf.org;

Jeff Gordon                      forthekids@jgcf.org;

Pujols                                5 Jen Teemer Dir. of Programming <jen@pujolsfamilyfoundation.org>;

Tug McGraw                     Tug McGraw Foundation <Jennifer@tugmcgraw.org>;

Tiger Woods                     Debi Brooks <info@michaeljfox-email.org>; community@tgrfoundation.org;

Shaquille O'Neal               The Shaquille O'Neal Foundation <info@shaqfoundation.org>;

Folds of Honor                   Folds of Honor <marketing@foldsofhonor.org>

Pinkel                                  G.P. Made - jamie.rae.patterson@gmail.com


the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation








August 5 - Mark Wahlberg via web

July 28 - Todd Graves

July 27 - Tug McGraw via web and email

July 27 - Jeff Gordon

July 23 - TGR Foundation

July 20 - Jeff Gordon

July 9, 17 - Todd Graves

June 28 - Bubba Wallace

June - Kevin O'Leary

June - Hunter's Hope

June - Michael J. Fox

June - Boomer Esiason Foundation

June - Brett Favre

April - Mike Wallace (Lindsey)

April - Kenny Wallace (Kim)

March - Rusty Wallace (Greg)