Rome Pizza

Looking for a great lunchtime pizzeria near Rome's Spanish Steps? Try Pizzeria Leoncino, one of food blogger Elizabeth Minchilli's top picks!

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You asked for it, you got it. A list of where to eat pizza in Rome. It's a bit of a mixed bag. Some old school places and some quite new. There are a LOT of pizzerias in Rome, and I obviously can't include them all. These are just the short list of places that I know, and love.

Rather than write extended descriptions/reviews here, I've kept it short and sweet. You'll find the full story on my app, Eat Rome. And where I've already written a blog post about a particular restaurant, I've included the link to that as well.

FYI: In case you don't know, when talking pizza in Rome there are basically three kinds:
Pizza a taglio: This is sheet pizza, sold mostly in small store fronts that specialize in this type, but also sold in some bakeries. It is sold by the weight and has various toppings. You can either buy it to take away, or (usually) eat it standing up at a counter.

Pizza: When most people say 'pizza' in Rome they mean small, round single serving pizzas. These are made to order at pizzerias, usually in a wood burning oven. Almost always pizzerias are only open at night, so this is a dinner kind of thing (there are some notable and recent exceptions).

Pizza Bianca: This is white pizza dough that has been baked in a sheet. It is sold in bakeries and is a true 'street food' in that it is meant to be eaten while hot, right away.

(A note about Roman pizza vs. Neopolitan pizza: Roman pizza is made with a very thin crust, and barely any rim around the edge. Neopolitan pizza is thicker, doughier, and has a thick puffy crust along the edge. There are also variations that are some where between the two.)

Pizzeria Leoncino
Via del Leoncino 28 (Spanish Steps)
Lunch & Dinner. Closed Wednesday.
It's hard to find a good pizzeria that is open for lunch. Also, the area in the center of Rome (Spanish Steps) makes this even more of a challenge. This place is both centrally located and open at lunch. Very much an old fashioned neighborhood place. Speciality: Pizza with onions, beans and sausage. See
my post

Gatta Mangiona
Via Ozanam 30-32 (Monteverde)
Tues - Sun, Dinner.
Considered by many to be the best pizzeria in Rome. A Roman take on Neopolitan. Inventive toppings. See Eat Rome and
this post for full description.

La Fucina
Via Giuseppe Lunati 25/31 (Portuense)
Sunday - Friday, dinner only. Closed Saturday.
Extraordinary dough and toppings. Very expensive (but worth it) See
my blog post

Pizzeria alle Carrette
Via Madonna dei Monti 95
Daily for dinner.
Just our local pizza place, which is very, very good. Thin Roman crust. Every neighborhood has a good pizza place, this is ours. See
my blog post.

Via Statilio Ottato 114 (Tuscolana, Metro: Subagusta)
Out of the way, fantastic pizzeria, Neopolitan style. See
my blog post

Ai Marmi
Viale Trastevere 53 (Trastevere)
Dinner only. Closed Wednesday.
If you want to feel like you are in a Fellini movie, head here. Hasn't changed in about 60 years. Rough and ready service. Don't worry if there is a line, tables turn fast.

Porto Fluviale
Via del Porto Fluviale 22 (Ostiense)
One of the few places where you can reserve a table for a pizza, and that also is open at lunch. You can choose between either Roman or Neopolitan style. There are certainly better pizza places on this list, but this one is convenient, a nice setting and is good. See
my blog post and video
Pizza a Taglio

Via della Meloria 43 (near Vatican, metro Cipro)
Most famous pizza place in Italy? Possibly. See my posts
here, and here, and here. And Eat Rome as well.

Via Giovanni Branca 88 (Testaccio)
Daily 12 - 11pm.
Fantastic pizza by the slice from the same owner as Sforno. Also the home of the trapizzini, a triangular pizza pouch filled with things like meatballs and tripe. See this
blog post.

Via Merulana 54
Open daily
Better known as a bakery they have extraordinary pizza by the slice.

Forno La Renella
Via del Moro 15 (Trastevere)
Daily, 9am - 1am.
Known for it's large loaves of rustic bread, they are also the makers of some of the best loved pizza by the slice in Trastevere. Almost always open. 

Roscioli Bakery
Via dei Chiavari 34
Most famous bakery in Rome? Many say so. Yes, fantastic bread, but also amazing pizza by the slice.

Bakeries (pizza bianca, etc)
Forno di Campo di Fiori
Piazza Campo dei Fiori 22
Open daily, 7:30-2; 4:45 - 8. Closed Sunday.
One of the oldest bakeries in town. Fresh, hot pizza bianca all day long.

See above.
Is their pizza bianca better than Forno di Campo dei Fiori? Try both, and you decide.

See above.

See above.

Antico Forno Urbani
Piazza Costaguti 30 (Ghetto)
Old fashioned bakery that has the best pizza rossa in town. This is thin crusted pizza  that is spread with the thinnest layer of tomato sauce, imaginable. No cheese.

Extra: Pizza places that are famous but that I've never been to Da Remo
Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 44 (Testaccio)
Dinner only, closed Sunday.
Very thin crusted Roman pizza. A real scene, there is always a line. Which is probably why I've never been.

Via Valle Corteno 31 (Montesacro)
Located in a suburban neighborhood, and owned by the same owner as Sforno and 00100.

Gluten Free

Mama! Eat
Via di San Cosimato 9
I've actually been here, but have never ordered pizza. The pasta was great. Seriously gluten free, with two separate kitchens. 

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